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“At Dreamin Auto they take the time to do it right...

and work with you all the way through.”

Rod Elaschuk, proud owner of a restored 1970 Cougar Phantom Eliminator.

Rod Elaschuk: 1970 Cougar Phantom Eliminator

Rod’s story…

“I first met Rob Robinson when he was starting Dreamin Auto. Having worked with a ton of shops, I had yet to find one that really, truly gets it – until now.

The difference between them and the other guys is that they really listen. They get it right, the first time. I have friends who’ve worked with three or more shops on the same project and end up losing excitement because it’s so frustrating to deal with. Building your dream car should be exciting! I always tell them to go to Rob.

Dreamin Auto is the best in the city without a doubt. Rather than pass off work or hurry, they take the time to do it right, and work with their customers all the way through. They have the right attitude, the talent, and the integrity to get any restoration job done. If you want the Barrett Jackson special, you got it!

I’m now onto my second project with Dreamin Auto, and because of Rob and the team, I know I’ll never go anywhere else.”